a round-pole timber framed woodshed with live roof


raw materials harvested from site - mostly trees killed by emerald ash borers (note feed tunnels on right two logs)


getting to work


rocks collected from site screened and graded for foundation


piers dug


post-beam joinery design


completed joint ready for assembly


my first round-pole timber joint... it fit.


detail of brace joinery and tools used in the making.  my 20-year-old bosch drill was the only power tool employed on the project.


completed frame ready for erection


joinery detail. could be prettier but i accepted it as a first go.


pegged post-beam connection and el-cheapo compass used as scribe


cradle for ridge beam being carved out


post ready for beam


completed frame


frame members seated and lashed together with sisal


 post-ridge connection


ready for roof system (i departed strawbale studio when frame was complete)


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