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Project Concept & Origination
A garden sanctuary built in loving tribute to the memory and giving nature of Vivienne Brazel to be donated to a small residential rehabilitation center.  Amenities will include a torii, teahouse, koi pond, pergola, bench swing, paths, and perennial garden beds.

Four days before Vivienne's passing I was up talking with her through the night. Among many other topics, we discussed directions of my work.  She asked me to keep her in mind in my projects; I said, "Of course, Mom, you're in everything I do." (implying the good bits, anyway).  Later in the morning that seed sprouted into a lasting memorial that would be helpful to others as she had always been, and I told her about the rough plan.

Location & Use
Turning Point Recovery Centers are committed to providing quality care to people who are experiencing mental health issues along with substance use problems.  In operation since 1989, the center runs separate men's and women's facilities.  The Women's House serves approximately 25 ladies at any given time, and its backyard will be a perfect home for the Garden where it can be used for relaxation, meditation, and yoga by the residents and staff.  

Material Costs & Construction Schedule

Total materials costs will be $3,860.
  See detailed quantity take-off and cost breakdown here.
Donations for materials are gratefully accepted and can be made through
paypal (to email address or send an email for mailing address.  Every dollar will help reach the goal.  The list below will be updated daily so that people will know when funding requirements have been met. 
Fabrication and Installation are targeted for spring 2018 and pend on funding and my other work commitments.  Photos of work in progress and the completed project will be posted here, so let me know if you'd like to be included in the update notices.

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