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I've been acquiring vintage hand tools for project use, and a friend who runs estate sales recently handed me a set of 7 inch block planes.  They were beautifully built but had seen better days. 





After grinding away the rust and loose paint, I tuned them up and refinished them in mixed colors.  Since all three planes were of the same size and type, I considered putting two of them up for sale but then thought the set would make a unique wall hanging and provide a glimpse into how we used to work wood (and still do in some small artisan shops).




             design stage: a digital model was produced for visualization

                       prior to building the mounting boards and frame




Framed work ready for hanging.  This piece would be at home anywhere from a farmhouse to an industrial loft, office or café.


All metal parts are rubbed with auto wax and final buffed to prevent environmental oxidation.  This finish process also produces a softening effect on the hard body paint finish. 


Each plane is 7"L x 2"W x 2.5"H.   The outside of frame measures 20¼" x 17½", mahogany veneer on pine. Total weight 16 lbs.   



Aged mahogany door blind found in garage rafters provided raw material for frame



Planes are mounted with magnets so they can be removed for full inspection

My hope is that the piece might also inspire a young person or two to look into trades that have been waning in the 'information and service economy' but are coming back in demand.  An adventurous soul could literally travel the world as an apprentice picking up high level artisan skills and then invest in a small shop, eatery, etc., for a fraction of the cost of college while having experiences of a lifetime.

Thanks for having a look. 





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