Woodworking Chest



The materials used in this build are remnants of previous works except for the heartwood that was a cutoff from my favorite hardwood barn.

box: baltic birch; drawer fronts, chisel rack, and mallet head: cherry and african heartwood; handles: maple; handle arms and feet: black walnut; hinges and pins: red oak

finish: the woods were left natural, hand rubbed with oil and wax to show their true nature, except for the birch box which has a pinch of red rust.   left natural to show their linseed oil (+pinch of red rust on box), bee's wax and orange oil




the chest and drawers contain most things I need for onsite installation, tuning, touch up, and repair






carver's mallet


raw stock


heartwood glue up. this wood is rock hard and medium brown until exposed to sunlight, then turns violet


flattening with a restored bench plane


rough shaping


smelting fishing anchors for ballast


final head glue up (the lead was poured into 1.25" diameter bores in heartwood)


the handle was shaped using the same methods as this hammer







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