for deanne's strawbale studio project

april 2011


deanne would like a shed to shelter site-harvested wood for burning in her earth oven, wood stove, and fire pit.  since the foundation and roof are among the most costly/time consuming components of a structure, it is very economical to stack multiple floors between them (put another way, single story structures are generally the least economical with respect to construction and energy). 


with that in mind, i came up with a bungalow style story-and-a-half with the upper level a proposed sleep/work/retreat loft... why not put all that structure to more use than just housing wood?  this building packs a lot of functionality into a compact 9'-6" x 9'-6" footprint and low profile at just 12'-8" from grade to ridge.

the building timber will be harvested from deanne's land there is a lot of ash that has been killed by beetles but is in otherwise excellent condition (the trees would probably beg to differ on this diagnosis).




table hinges up to clear floor space and double as wardrobe door



section in elevation | firewood is stowed below built-in bed and sofa







concept 1 animation


technical specs                           

footprint: 90.25 sqft

volume: 1,035 cuft

overall height: 12'-8"

wood storage capacity: 3.8 face cords

foundation: ash poles on gravel piers. backfill w/ gravel or course sand

structural system: round pole timber frame; solid wood joinery

building materials: salvaged ash frame, flooring, stairs and door. wattle and daub siding. galvanized steel hardware. reclaimed windows.  earthen roof over membrane over milled ash decking.

wood stove: custom metal & glass fabrication

mechanical equipment: none

electrical equipment & devices: none



open source designs

for anyone interested in 'borrowing' this plan, i'm a true believer in open source everything, so feel free to use these designs.  optional use for woodshed+ includes guest cabin or art/work studio... substitute the couch with writing desk, drawing table or easel, and you'll have a gorgeous work space.  you can download this complete 3d model from my site (requires SketchUp to open).



i am developing plans for what i'm calling micro-house, which will be a compact, off-grid, utilitarian and beautiful all season shelter.  it will also be modular, meaning that rooms can be added as needed.  i am currently compiling ideas and concepts and rolling them around the old squirrel cage.  let me know if you'd like updates on the progress of micro-house.


starving artist fund

donations for using any plans or artwork on my site are gladly accepted; shoot me an email and i will send payment info.  original designs, details, structural plans, and working drawings are also available, individually created for each client on fee basis.




concept 2

this design utilizes an existing boulder pit which is a work in progress.  stacked firewood is kept dry under the roof eaves, and also serves as privacy/wind screens for the interior space.  a fire pit is also proposed.  this protected space would make a great gathering place and campsite.






concept 2 animation



concept 3

round pole frame wood shelter.  materials to be locally harvested ash, oak and/or cherry (trees killed by insects or other).

plans, schedule and material list can be viewed and downloaded here






concept 3 animation



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