project intent

This concept provides a blueprint to build new economic centers in communities of Detroit that could benefit from additional market places.

The means is a hub of business and live/work spaces set within neighborhoods in great need of easy access to essential goods and services. These will be created by developing small but cohesive commercial centers that provide locally made products and services which in turn produce entrepreneurial and work opportunities for the community. Increasing the diversity of the goods will increase draw to the area, thus increasing the probability of success for each individual enterprise, the entire project, and ultimately the future viability of the neighborhood. Locating project sites near more prosperous areas (e.g. Boston-Edison, Indian Village, Corktown) will attract more customers with disposable income into these micro-economies to help sustain the fledgling enterprises.

MODE3 will provide the design and construction of the spaces; it is left to each business owner to decide what they will provide to the community, as well as having input into architectural design and aesthetics. Obviously it is in everyone's best interest that each and every business succeed, and that is entirely up to each individual proprietor. MODE3's role is not to dictate what is wanted or needed in the community, but just to provide support to the small business owners who will build new enterprises that will benefit the community.

Modular construction will be very useful in this application as modules can be built-out in factory, transported and placed on-site on pre-prepped foundations, then securely locked the same day. Modular construction also allows building-to-demand rather than on speculation. These structures can also be 'mobile' (not fixed to a foundation) which allows business owners to serve multiple markets, while also simplifying code requirements.


potential uses

These space solutions have almost unlimited potential. Virtually any commercial or residential function can be accommodated to provide goods and services to neighborhoods in need...

   ▪ produce market / grocery

   ▪ retail

   ▪ live/work space

   ▪ general store

   ▪ café, sandwich shop

   ▪ art gallery

   ▪ studio

   ▪ bicycle shop/rentals


Any viable business that adds to the mix is welcome. The whole idea of MODE3 is to create a small but vibrant 'city-center' with a strong sense of place that will provide essential goods and services to the local residents, ultimately producing meaningful jobs and a highly functioning, human-scaled economy. And by providing architecturally interesting spaces for socialization and commerce while keeping the money circulating amongst the community will enable local reinvestment and growth. The fair trade model has served all segments of society well for centuries... It is way past due for a renaissance!