Supplemental chapters in the works
Asylum Economics.  The globalized financial network supposes human beings to be fungible commodities (aka human resources / cattle) from which to extract maximum labor margins and pull them to the top.  Breaking up the oligopolies and re-localizing economic activity will create stronger communities and healthier environments.  

Education v. Knowledge.  The industrial one-size-fits-all education model fails brilliant minds and hence the nations that employ it.  This chapter looks at the roots of the system and how we might create alternatives that foster critical thinking and development of practical skills that will be coming back in demand.
Tech Nooo!  Hundreds of billions are spent annually on research and technology of dubious value at best.  Redirecting funds into projects that will benefit a majority of the nation and real economy should obviously take priority over Space Burritos until we have eradicated poverty, hunger and homelessness here on Earth.