design/build re-purposing; cargo containers, building components, etc. for constructing quick and affordable quality housing and commercial/retail spaces.




affordable housing should also be beautiful




patio dining+living

convertible pergola/enclosure extends living space and reduces

solar gain & energy usage



kitchen workstation and open pantry



Fit Food Fast

outlets for healthy food at affordable prices




DLY entry rehab  

construction of new stair and xeriscape gardens



mobile modulars

high style mobile dwellings, studios, ...






mobile market and café 

a retail outlet to move locally grown produce and other whole foods and farm goods to food deserts. also a low-capital platform for budding chefs to test their chops (pun intended) in multiple markets at low cost. and a mobile culinary learning center.  wins all around.





from the ground up

a re-localized economy built on the bones of an existing town




hostel detroit

a modular expansion plan



crop circle

organic crops, kitchen, café, pub, garden dining, rotating artworks, performance / speaking stage




napa midwest

similar to above




urban organics

a plan to help people start their own organic gardens... planning/design, soils and beds, trellises, potted plants.   





collaborative workspace for artisan trades



Never let formal education get in the way of your learning.

   ―Mark Twain

ground up studies 

ideas on education and workshops