Fit Food Fast 

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Let food be thy medicine

and medicine be thy food.

    ― Hippocrates


nutshell: outlets for healthy and exceptionally delicious eats at fast-food-prices located in urban food deserts

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concept and observations:

· a health-centered restaurant to move locally grown produce and other whole foods and farm goods to food deserts.  unique dishes will be offered that are well-spiced and properly prepared so that they're not just healthy, but some of the tastiest plates in town.  by utilizing second harvest sources and other discount ingredient outlets, we will see that people have access to flavorful, healthy food at everyday prices.

· take-out format with a dining bar or a few tables.

· modular design to allow for future expansion.

· there are precisely zero cities or towns in this country (or world) that could not use an outlet for real food at affordable prices.

· awareness of dietary issues is exploding and most likely not reversing, making the model even more viable over time.

i'd like to mix the menu up, weekly or perhaps even daily. i realize this doesn't jibe with the western "standardized" model of food and everything else.  nonetheless, what is better than going to a dinner party where you have no say in the menu, yet come away with the best dining experience you've had in months?


> get first establishment up and running (proof of concept)

> sell it to a new owner (job creation)

> then go into mode3, providing construction and consulting services to the new upstarts

containers will be "made in detroit" (currently globally cool) and can be economically shipped to all points.


peripheral ideas

adjacent veg & herb garden

produce stand

community philanthropy program: yard-to-table cooking classes once or twice per month.  free cooking classes to reintroduce people to cooking with whole foods.

speak on growing and diet/nutrition > harvest produce while discussing plants > process > prep > cook > eat!



second harvest

phil alfieri 678 990 7481

40': 1200 used, 4100 one-trip

40L 8.5H 8W