with gratitude and humility i share these kind words and recommendations from friend/clients:




I have been at events where Gregg prepared the food, and I was utterly amazed at how seemingly effortlessly he created delicious meals from scratch. Not just a freestyle culinary wizard, Gregg is an artist, and seems to intuitively know how to create mouth-watering dishes based on his knowledge of flavors and techniques.  His creative gifts of design, building, gardening and cooking are all connected via his artist's spirit.

   —Jon Pickell

       Huntington Woods, Michigan






743 Hazelwood Street · Detroit MI 48202


If you are considering hiring Gregg, I invite you to contact me for an update to the following five star review. I've already referred Gregg to several friends and family members, and am happy to speak with you or show you in person how he's beautifully transformed my house and property.

Since he contacted me in April of 2013 I've had the pleasure of getting to know Gregg and working and/or living with him. Since then (8+ months at time of writing), Gregg has completed over a dozen projects at my guest home property in Detroit, and dozens of smaller jobs - over 300 billable hours! To name just a few, his excellent work includes... outdoor A/C enclosure, large wooden gate, all new gorgeous front steps, fireplace mantel, xeriscaped front yard, and an innovative removable dining room table top. He has also illustrated several larger future projects including a bathroom and basement bath remodel.

Not only is Gregg an intelligent, insightful, cool, talented, and all around great guy, his approach to carpentry, design, art, and life is inspiring. His philosophy of design and construction is influenced by Japanese/Asian ideas and methods, which I've come to see the truth and beauty of. His understanding of and dedication to quality human craftsmanship vs. soulless industrial repetition means not only will you be very pleased with his work, but some of him shows through in the results. I've only ever met and gotten to know one other skilled craftsman (an electrician) who I don't hesitate to recommend without reservation. I'm exceedingly glad I met Gregg, and soon you will be, too!

   —Nathan Andren

       Detroit Loves You Guest House






Gregg helped us turn our attic space into studio space. Gregg took our plans, added his own architectural design improvements, and made the room come alive. What used to be unusable space is now my favorite room in the house. A creative and hardworking good guy that does what he says. Highest recommendations.

   —Jennifer Everland

       Royal Oak, Michigan






Hey Gregg,

I've got a construction/engineering question and I don't think I know anyone more qualified than you to answer it. I'm gearing up to start construction on my tiny house on wheels, and [...]

   —Gary Benson

       Hope, Michigan






Hostel Detroit

2700 Vermont, Detroit, MI 48216  313.451.0333  



To Whom It May Concern:

As the Founder of Hostel Detroit, I have found that working with Gregg Brazel of ehr-lum, self described as an art and labor entrepreneur, to be extremely positive, pleasant, and the output was always better than originally I could have hoped for.

Gregg, whose ‘design+build’ philosophy allows him to take his passion for construction, functionality, and ecological responsibility and pair it with aesthetic beauty and creativity, is quiet but has a high attention to detail paired with an eye for optimal usage. He says that his challenge is to find the balance between what is possible and what is practical; I say that he can solve your micro pain points, regardless of the project at hand, while having an idea of how that small piece fits into the macro picture and ultimately he can offer ideas for how to improve the macro too!

In my time working with him at Hostel Detroit in 2012 and 2013, his services to us included (but not limited to) general repair of appliances, increasing efficiency of heating and plumbing systems, new construction as well as repair of outdoor storage and access ramp, design and floor planning, reinforcing furniture, and small little details that made all the difference in problem solving while retrofitting a 100+ year old building into a new use.

I also serve as the Treasurer on the Board of Directors for Hostel Detroit, and I can vouch for Gregg’s efficient usage of resources monetary, time, and talent. He would be an asset to any team and definitely someone you want to work with, especially if you have a vision for innovative usage of entrepreneur space and unlikely outdoor gathering spots.

Please contact me directly on my cell (313.---.----)*  if you have any questions.


Emily Doerr

Hostel Detroit


         *contact Gregg for Emily's cell




I have had the extreme pleasure of being served some amazing food by Chef Gregg. He has a rare ability to combine flavors that would turn what some might think an ordinary menu into something spectacular. Though I have never really liked lamb, when Gregg prepared it, well let's just say it has become my new favorite dish. I highly recommend having Gregg provide personal chef services or for your next dinner party.

   —Sue Birkham

       Royal Oak, Michigan






Well, what can I say, Gregg... Your ideas, writing and skills are a powerhouse...as well as humane...and you are a visionary, quite capable of spearheading the architectural revolution stateside and worldwide, necessary when the grays finally have had enough of collapse to begin to take alternatives seriously.  What can your visit here in Mexico offer you? [...]

   —Toña Osher

       Tepoztlan, Mexico






Gregg's ideas and motivations come from a bigger vision on how to build a community. By sharing knowledge within a community and working together within different disciplines you can accomplish bigger goals. You need each other to learn and grow.

Gregg believes in being the change you want to see. This makes him a selfless and giving person who puts a lot of time and energy in helping people around him before thinking of himself. Everywhere he goes he sees opportunities to build stronger connections within the community. This can be a big design solution that will encourage people to meet, but also a small culinary gathering where people can connect on a more intimate level.

   —Ghita van Bergen

       Utrecht, Netherlands






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