design/construction of structures, spaces, gardens, et al


Iíve studied and worked in some facet of construction for 30 years. I have a passion for artisan grade constructions and enjoy working with natural materials - wood, concrete, metal, oil, earth pigments, glass, ceramics.

Solid-wood joinery fascinates me; that there are twelve-hundred year old Japanese structures with fired-clay roofs still standing strong in the elements, built with nothing more than hand tools and leverage, is mind bending. Iíve only scratched the surface of the techniques, but still itís enough to build pieces that will be around for generations while letting the materials and connections be the primary design elements. The minimalism and longevity of this architecture demands the attention of anyone concerned with economy.

Iíve been cooking a few years more than building, so kitchen design is a strong suit as the engineer in me is hopelessly committed to organization and efficiency. Right place, right time is my M.O. when designing any type of workspace.

Possibilities are as endless as imagination. If you need something made for your home or business that will be functional, durable, beautiful, and hand-crafted, I hope youíll consider me to be your design/builder.




Assisting with a salvaged sculpture project in Detroit







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